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Arquitetura residencial (casas, apartamentos), comercial (lojas, restaurantes, bares, cafés, escritórios, corporativo), institucional, interiores e design de mobiliário.

David Guerra

Eat, drink, live

This title is not only the reference of the movie by Ang Lee, Eat, drink, man woman, where the father, who is a cook, discuss the conflicts of his family during dinner. It’s not only a reference to the magic of the sensations caused by the movies “Like water for chocolate” and “Babette’s feast”. This is the lifestyle of most of the people who share the idea that the kitchen is the most important place of the house, a place that centralizes all of the others ambiences, since the living room, dining, room and cinema, as also the balconies, terraces, decks and pool, a place of convergence and affection register, stories and history, happiness and solidarity, a place to consolidate the life sharing with family and friends. The kitchen is the heart and the soul of this house full of flavors.

The relation man has with food is very ancient and definitely does not restrict itself into the survivor necessity. Beyond the necessity to eat, when the body feels hungry, eating is related to the wishes of having a good company and to share, it is also related to the esthetics, to all of the senses, to pleasure, to festive and religious meaning. In all of the religions, the food is sacred. In The Last Supper, Jesus divides, between the apostles, the bread and the wine, symbols of his body and blood, a man’s way of relating himself to God and to humans.

All of the cultures in the world come from a way or another, from the collective organization to the search of food. The Mesopotamians believed that gods used to debate their decisions during dinner. Between the mortals, one of the biggest functions of the collective meal is to consolidate the group, increase the social and family ties. Since the ancient civilizations, the celebration with abundance is a signal of victory and feeds the hope of better days. In India, during the autumn parties, the door of the houses stay opened, with tables full of foods to be shared with the ones that get into the house.

The industrial age, the way to organize work, the emigration of the man to the cities kept men away from the satisfaction of eating: cultivate, prepare and taste the foods. But now, many started to make the way back. In Italy, in 1986, was born the Slow Food movement, which was against fast food, in favor of the diversity in culinary represented by different cultures and a lifestyle more “human”.

A research made by Marketing Agency, Comunication and Marketing Clinic, and ABA (Brazilian Association of Annoucements), in 2003, revealed that “young men do not consider good and wealthy career, they dream about a simple life, away from the stress and aggressiveness of the big urban centers”. This research also says that the respondents made a point on the importance of the day by day with the family, the fact of eating and stay more at home, meet more their friends and enjoy life better.